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Thu Jan 30 10:51:18 UTC 2003

Mark S. Miller <squeak-dev at> said:
>4) Unprivileged security abstractions
>[...] I would like to see Squeak evolve into a system that can 
>support #4. 
I do. Thanks for the extensive write-up. In order to do it justice, I've
forwarded it to my mail account (I read this with a newsreader) and will
study it carefully and slowly ;-). 

>Could someone explain about "World"?
It's one of these ugly globals. The current Morphic graphics
environment. An instance of a PasteUpMorph.

Every object that wants to do something with the UI needs to go directly
or indirectly to World. One of the main issues is - if you replace World
by a World-like capability - where the capability comes from. This is
what triggered this whole dynamic scoping discussion. 

I'll look at the URL's you pointed out before mingling in, though :-)

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