Bounding up morphs

Eric Scharff Eric.Scharff at Colorado.EDU
Thu Jan 30 17:01:21 UTC 2003

I have a task where I create a fairly large (hundreds) number of related
morphs and position them in such a way that is not suitable for a layout
manager.  I want to move / delete these morphs together, so I want to
group them, doing something like this

  groupMorph _ Morph new.
  "for each object I create"
    myMorph _ MyMorph doTheRightThing.
    groupMorph add: myMorph.

What is the easiest way to set the extent of groupMorph so that it
encloses all of the sub-morphs?  Right now it uses its default bounds,
which has all sorts of problems with halos and redrawing.



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