Bounding up morphs

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Thu Jan 30 19:09:04 UTC 2003

on the superwiki of bob SuperSwiki

there is an excellent (we are not use to this level of documentation in 
Squeak) about
tablelayout morph that explain the #hresizing... mentioned by Ned.

On Thursday, January 30, 2003, at 06:20 PM, Ned Konz wrote:

> On Thursday 30 January 2003 09:01 am, Eric Scharff wrote:
>> I have a task where I create a fairly large (hundreds) number of
>> related morphs and position them in such a way that is not suitable
>> for a layout manager.  I want to move / delete these morphs
>> together, so I want to group them, doing something like this
>>   groupMorph _ Morph new.
>>   "for each object I create"
>>     myMorph _ MyMorph doTheRightThing.
>>     groupMorph add: myMorph.
>> What is the easiest way to set the extent of groupMorph so that it
>> encloses all of the sub-morphs?  Right now it uses its default
>> bounds, which has all sorts of problems with halos and redrawing.
> groupMorph
>   hResizing: #shrinkWrap;
>   vResizing: #shrinkWrap;
>   addAllMorphs: allTheMorphs.
> (addAllMorphs isn't necessary but is more efficient).
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