World Morph (was: Comments on Lex's "Object as Capabilities in Squeak")

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Fri Jan 31 09:05:14 UTC 2003

Mark S. Miller <squeak-dev at> said:
>Thanks, it worked. So "World" is just the root Morph in the Morph tree? That 
>makes sense. But then I'm confused why we have a problem. When would a 
>method of an object refer to World by name? 
Popping up dialog boxes come to mind. At the very least, the Dialog
class would need to have obtained a capability on the top-level Morph in
order to position a dialog box centered on it.

Thanks for the explanation on the rules of safe globals. Helps a lot.

Is it time for a Squeak-E mailing list already? Or aren't we boring the
general readership here to death?

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