Helping other for helping us too

Giorgio Ferraris giorgioferraris at
Sat Apr 17 13:38:22 UTC 2004

Hi, Stef

Sometime I really think you are rude, but, my GOD, This time you should.

OK, I think the comunity should understand that Smalltalk is Smalltalk,
dialect are second point.

I think Squeak is becoming really great, expecially for the work all of you
are doing, I see tons of mails on this list, but things are exactly as Stef
I was developing in Smalltalk long time ago, and i live in Italy, not
exactly the best place for non mainstream languages, but, I'mk still working
in smalltalk after 15 years, and this is becouse VW is credible.
I remember how hard life was when ParcPalce dropped VSE (That I still use
heavily ...), and I lost customers and opportunity, and the same was for all
of the people I know around the world.

Now I can say that I gather new customers, just becouse I can show them
VisualWorks and the company that is behind it, and things are changed a bit
from 6/8 years ago. You now can speak of languages that start on a
deifferent letter that J and finish on one different that A without being
thrown away.
Oh, Yes, like a lot of you I do consultancy on Java and C# also, but when
talking about system design ,language is not so important.  But I code in
smalltalk (others code on Java for me), and I'm still happy.
Without VW, possibility of using smalltalk for living will be very limited..
So please, Squeak, Dolphin, VW, VSE, OS, SmalltalkX, VA, etc are to be
sustained for the life of the entire community.

Oh, Yes, squeak will probably survive in any case, becouse of its big
community, but I want to live with smalltalk, not just play with it on the
spare time.

BTW, I think we should make the most to have a common base as big as
possible, becouse we are lot, lot less that Java and C# , so it would be
better concentrate on make good, doifferent thing rather that loose time
moving nice thing on a different dialect with lot of effort.

Long Live Smalltalk, and , I'm really impressed by the work this (the
Squeak) community is doing. Hope to see many of you in Seattle...

Giorgio Ferraris

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> hi simon
> I made a ****lot**** of squeak demoes over the last 5 years and I
> always see this funny (not fun)
> smile on the faces of people when I show squeak. "Oh this is chidlish,
> this is fun but come on not serious......" To the point I pay an
> extreme attention to the way I do demoes now because I do not want to
> stef

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