OSS sound on FreeBSD 5.2.1

Jim Liedeka jliedeka at tds.net
Sun May 2 14:41:23 UTC 2004

> It is strange that this is necessary.  Why would soundcard.h
> not define this symbol?  Is this a bug in the FreeBSD
> headers?  Or is there some other header that can be checked?
>  I know here are a bunch of OSS defines for stuff like audio
> formats; perhaps those could be checked instead?

I wouldn't regard it as a bug.  FreeBSD doesn't actually use OSS.  It uses OSS compatible ioctls.  There may be some common macro between the two that could be checked.  When I figured out why the configure script was failing, it was late and I was out of patience.

I really don't know much about doing cross-platform configuration.  I'll look for a more graceful way of doing it before I post a fix on the swiki.

This was just an expedient.  I posted it here because I'm not the only one struggling to get sound on FreeBSD.  A Google search yielded a bunch of people asking the same questions I had with no answers.


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