Changing protocols

Jason Dufair jase at
Mon May 3 14:37:46 UTC 2004

Hi folks -

I'm back playing with Squeak after a few year hiatus.  Looks like folks
have been busy!!

A simple question that I couldn't find the answer to online anywhere:
How do I change the protocol (is this a VW-specific term?  Maybe it's
classification) associated with a method?  I tried drag-and-drop and
various context menus, but no luck.

I'm building an allowance-tracking system for my kids in Seaside.  I
gotta say - Seaside is *the* next killer app.  I haven't been as excited
about a technology since the Newton or Mosaic itself.  Hopefully it's
success is more on the scale of the latter and not the former :-)
Thanks to Avi and all you worker-bunnies keeping Squeak the most
interesting thing happening.
Jason Dufair
Office of the VP for Information Technology
Purdue University
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