A history of Squeak

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Wed May 5 00:00:52 UTC 2004

"Andreas Raab" <andreas.raab at gmx.de>  wrote...
>Yes, actually that's part of my motivation for doing the history - thus far,
>*all* of the images we used back until 1.1 were able to run on the latest
>VMs. It looks like this might be changing with 4.0 and I want to make sure
>we've got sufficient history in case someone is interested in it.

This compatibility is something the whole VM team worked hard to preserve during those early years (and there *are* subtle problems nonetheless, but all fixable with simple fileIns).  Assuming we go ahead with the changes for Version 4 (which I think is worth doing for a number of reasons), I plan to produce a SystemTracer capable of producing a version 4 clone from every any old Squeak back to 1.0.  Having not worked on any of the recent VMs, I'm hoping that the old style event hooks still work and that we can do something compatible with exceptions.  That way we can start out version 4 with our history in better shape than ever.

	- Dan

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