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Raymond Asselin raymondasselin at
Wed May 5 00:13:21 UTC 2004

Le 2004/05/04, Jürgen Radowsky <juergen.radowsky at> écrivait

>Hi everybody,

>"Now we want to make our cutout Algeria into a button that will take
>us into the "Algeria Project". Look at Algeria's red handle menu and 
>choose: mumble. Type in mumble followed by return."
>I have no idea what he is talking about...
>So, the question is: How can I make a project view look like a
>button, car, country or whatever but act like a project view ?

Hi Juergen

    I don't believe that you can make a button of a project view and
that this button will have the frontiers of Algeria.  I did'nt read
recently the article you mention.

What is easy to do and may be what Tamika did is the following:

1) Make a new project an name it 'Algeria'.
2) Select World menu/new morph/grab with lasso from screen
3) With the lasso circle a portion of the screen , now you have a new
4) Bring the halo on this new morph and Halo menu/extra/add mouseUp
5) Type the following in the window opened 'Project enter: 'Algeria'

- So you build a morph grabbing a portion of the screen with the lasso
(you can grab a portion of a map too)
- You gave this morph (which may have the form of a country) a
mouseUp action (acting like a button)
- When you click (until mouseUp) you are sent to the project Algeria.

Hope this help you.

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