Help: how to begin with Ballon3D?

Serge Stinckwich Serge.Stinckwich at
Wed May 5 17:53:38 UTC 2004

Joei wrote:
> Hi! everybody
>     I'm a C++ programmer and started to study squeak about four days 
> ago. The implementation of squeak is so great that
> I felt it's really a pleasure to program with a pure object oriented 
> programming language. Then I decided to port one of my C++ program which 
> use OpenGL to squeak. I've read almost all documents in and 
> Swiki. I also read the book "Squeak: A Quick Trip to Objectland"written 
> by Gene.Korienek. Then I decided to use Balloon3D to do my work. So I 
> read the tutorial of Ballon3D come with Squeak.
> But I found out that I still cannot place a texture to a geometric 
> object successfully.

Great, if you are a C++ programmer ;-) Some of my students have problems
with C++ and Squeak. Read a previous post in this list about FFI from
Julien Bourdon. Maybe you can help us !

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