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Hi, Julien.Bourdon

         I've read all post about your question. And I believed that what
you really want to
know is that can Squeak handle a C++ object correctly.
         What I known is that there is not a binary standard which defines
C++ object. That's
 why M$ defined the COM standard. Name mangling is not the only reason that
C++ code
can not be used together which were compiled by different complier. The
presentation of a
C++ object is also different. It's really regretable that Bjarne.Stroustrup
has not given a standard for how to implement a C++ object layout.
            I believe that the only way to use C++ via FFI is to do like
what COM do. Exports
C functions from a DLL and manage C++ object by your own.

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> I was just wondering if I could use C++ constructors and
> destroyers with FFI ?

Sorry this not destroyer but destructor

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