Shout: (Syntax Highlighting as You Type) is cool

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Thu May 6 18:43:15 UTC 2004

Hi Tween

First I would like to thank you for Shout because this is really good. 
I think that a lot of squeak teachers will really like it.  I'm 
planning to use that for my books. I will evaluate it carefully and how 
I can customize it for my needs.

I have two questions.

Question 1.

When I type a variable that is not defined is red until I fall on one
that is defined. So the message shout send me is that I'm basically all 
the time typing wrong. Have you thought of doing the following?

Imagine the code:
	| aVar|

if my cursor is after aVa then the variable is not red but blue, then 
if I press space then it gets red,
and if I type aVar is does not get red.

Question 2.
When I type a method name it would be great to get it red if it is not 
implemented in the system.
(we could refine that if we know that this is self and super and 
looking also in the superclass but this can be tricky).
Are you planning to add this feature?


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