Nail Soup

Dan Ingalls Dan at
Fri May 7 07:23:01 UTC 2004

Craig wrote...
>	I'd much rather use the Web just as much as necessary to escape the Web. :)

Well, I agree.  I'm beginning to think that the dive into HTML simply blinded everyone to the much more active possibilities.  How can this be? :-(.

> After you have Squeak running on someone's machine, why not use
>objects instead of webpages? Why not just have a peer-to-peer network of
>Squeaks talking to each other (exchanging modules, etc.)? Why do we need
>HTTP to intermediate?

Maybe you don't.  It just seems like everybody expects a web page to be able to look like html.  All we're doing is infiltrating the enemy by associating our VM with the pages, and then using the pages for modules.

Maybe I'm just still a bit blind myself.  But it seemed nice to have the web of these things look like normal web pages (could be self-documenting), and maybe leverage off all the navigational stuff people already have.

Either way, though, I think the same questions apply as to what will make a really simple and clean module architecture.  Have you taken a stab at this?  I'm running out of steam today, but I'll take a look.

	- Dan

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