Distributed intelligence or not

Gary McGovern zeppy at australia.edu
Fri May 7 15:48:34 UTC 2004

I'm struggling a bit at the moment, trying to justify distributed
intelligence in program design. Or if centralised is better, or whether
there should be a shift between centralised and distributed depending upon
the nature or size of of the program/system. Maybe it is because what I am
mostly doing is small - writing centalised seems quicker and simpler to
write. And distributing the intelligence I do because it is good form - my
course texts say do it. Maybe in the long term it works better. 
(ps.OT. Wouldn't these mars probes be better if they were NOT like a swiss
army knife, but were a network of objects (like cluster bombs), the
intelligence distributed between the objects). Then Nasa wouldn't be
dependent on two or three modules. And wait another three , four, or five
years to try if the two or three fail

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