Project saving problems

Martin Wirblat sql.mawi at
Fri May 7 19:17:10 UTC 2004


thank you for your response. Do you (or anyone else) have some 
experience about what to better not do with a project in order to 
avoid "loading prohibiting" references in its fileout? I mean, is 
there something which can be done wrong by the uninitiated? 

Or is it known, that the only "safe" way is to start with a newly 
created project and never touch or put anything temporarily in it, 
which references it must not file out later? 

regards, Martin

raymondasselin wrote
>Martin Wirblat <sql.mawi at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to save a project with 3.6 and load it into 3.7. While 
>> loading I get: 
>> DiskProxy(Object)>>error: 'Global "SameGameTile" not found'
>> I had some methods changed in SameGameTile in the project's 
>> changeset, but I think I removed all references to SameGameTile in 
>> the cs.  ( checked with filing out the cs ). I also played the 
>> SameGame in this project.
>> How can I clear the project itself from these old references?
>> Earlier on I renamed this project, and somehow ( maybe unrelated to 
>> the renaming ) its little ProjectViewMorph-Window vanished ( it is 
>> still accessibly through the hierarchical menu ). 
>> Some more questions:
>> - Is renaming a project safe?
>> - Can I put a "lost" project in a ProjectViewMorph-Window again?
>> - How can I delete a project without using ^^
>> regards
>> Martin
>Hi Martin
>	what I use to delete a project is this (in a workspace):
>allProject :=  Project allProjects "exploreIt"
>thisProject := allProject at: 2 "put the index of the project you want
>to delete"
>allProject remove: thisProject "that's it"

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