BookMorph (access to pictures on disk)

Raymond Asselin raymondasselin at
Sat May 8 21:07:44 UTC 2004

Le 2004/05/07, Edgar J. De Cleene <edgardec2003 at> écrivait :


> I send an unfinished code (and gif for you
>have a clue) what lets you select a folder full of pictures (in formats
>what read Squeak), convert to tiny numbered images and what let you rotate
>and scale .

Hi Edgar,  thank for the code , I tried it and I like the SelectedPictures class, from
there I will do what you said ' find other way'.  But I still believe that BookMorph
is really interesting for Squeak so may be we need to add your code to BookMorph,
and even to complete it with  the 'Background Loader with Preview' from Stephan B.
Wessels, which I discovered yesterday on SqueakMap, and which 'Provides a
previewer for images that can be loaded as the desktop'.

I think I will (I need time) on this because I use a lot Projects
and BookMorphs and the combination of both is really interesting for 'active'
presentations. I use also Connectors from Ned and I really believe that Connectors
need too a way to preview images on disk, and even preview project stored on disk
before loading them.  So to much packages or morphs.. need these
functionnality... these must be integrated eventually in the base image, or the full.
They must be part of Squeak.

Thank again Edgar for the code I really appreciate it.

>If you wish do teaching in a place with several computers, I have a Squeak
>based viewer of this (more cheap and less size of unnamed  M app). 

:) I don't really understand 'of unnamed M app)...

>I have
>another solution for textual BookMorph what lets you import/export to SBLog
>like archives, so if you have how run Sblog you could have a notepad like
>access inside Squeak. 
This is interesting...and it would be simple I think to add Swiki and SmallWiki? Is
this solution released  somewhere ?

>Here we have SqueakRos, begginners group mostly in
>Spanish , but several could undestand Enlish too.
> (tutorials)
> (group membership)
>If you have any basic questions , send me mail
Merci encore

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