[ENH][MVC] Deferred UI actions moved into Controller, plus ProcessBrowser fix

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun May 9 02:27:02 UTC 2004

This change set merges the functions of DeferredActionStandardSystemController
into Controller. Class DeferredActionStandardSystemController is retained as
an stub subclass in order to protect external packages that refer to it (e.g.
CommandShell).  It should be removed one release cycle after this change set
is incorporated.

For both MVC and Morphic, deferred UI messages can now be scheduled by:
	Project addDeferredUIMessage: something

The ProcessBrowser has been updated to use this idiom. In addition, some
changes are made to ProcessBrowser to permit clean image restart for an
active ProcessBrowser with auto-update enabled.

Implementation note: The deferred action queue is moved up to Controller
rather than StandardSystemController so that scheduling of deferred UI
actions works regardless of which controller is currently active. This
is important when, for example, deferred actions are scheduled during system
startup and a ScreenController is the active controller (ProcessBrowser
may do this during startup).

ProcessBrowser note: For simplicity, any active instances of ProcessBrowser
will have their auto-update processes stopped prior to this update. After
the update is complete, new instances of ProcessBrowser will be able to
maintain auto-update following an image restart; however, the current
instances will still lack this ability. Just open new ProcessBrowsers and
all should be well.

Both the DeferredActionSystemController and ProcessBrowser are created by
Ned Konz.  This change set adds no new functionality except as described


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