Nail Soup

Lothar Schenk lothar.schenk at
Sun May 9 08:47:26 UTC 2004

Dave Lowry wrote:

> That would be me; this is way over my head.  Somebody please explain
> what Squat is all about and why it is Extremely Clever.  Thanks.

Squat aims to produce a minimal VM+image package as a nucleus for modular 
extension by independent packages. It features dynamic loading and unloading 
of packages and allows control of one image from another even across network 
boundaries. It promises to be an extremely powerful vehicle for modular 
decomposition of a virtual image spread over a set of network-linked 
processing nodes.

Its most revulotionary aspect in my mind is that it goes against the 
traditional "stuff everything into one image" mentality. This will allow to 
use the power of polymorphism at higher than class level and thereby reduce 
some of the unnecessary complexity we have now by encouraging too much 
interdependence in our images.

Don't put all your objects into one basket!

Regards, Lothar

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