[ANN] Shout version 2 available now + Add on for Monticello

Jason Dufair jase at purdue.edu
Mon May 10 14:55:23 UTC 2004

FYI - I just tried installing it into my 3.7 5816 image on the 3.6.2 VM
and got a dialog saying "Error occurred during install:

I get a walkback with this message when I try to drag a new workspace
into the World now, too.  This actually makes my image unusable, since I
can't debug it either, getting the same walkback when I click the debug

Can't wait to try this!

"Andrew Tween" <amtween at hotmail.com> writes:

> A new version of Shout (Syntax highlighting as you type) is available on
> SqueakMap.
> It includes bug fixes, and includes the changes made in the experimental
> release.
> There is also a new package ShoutMonticello, which enables Shout
> highlighting in Monticello browsers.
> Cheers,
> Andy
> P.S. I cannot access the SqueakSource server at the moment, but I will also
> be putting the packages there.
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