Squeak on Pocket PCs

Bryce Kampjes bryce at kampjes.demon.co.uk
Mon May 10 20:00:41 UTC 2004

Alejandro F. Reimondo writes:
 > Where can I download the last sources for SqueakVM
 >  to be compiled for running under PocketPC 2003
 >  (hp ipaq 1930) ?
 > I have downloaded the VM executable and run ok
 >  but without FFI support.
 > I couldn't find the sources or config. files for evc4.
 > (the sources of squeak3.1Alpha6Src does
 >  not compile for the ARMV4 processor)

The sources will compiler for the ARMV4, the problem is they
do not have the project files for eVC4. Download evc3 and you
will be able to compile, it's free too. 

eVC3 does not know how to talk to your PocketPC 2003 device. If
you copy the executable it produces across it will run. This does
mean you loose the use of the IDE, but it will get you compiling
quickly. If printf's are enough, this will work. Otherwise there
are MSDN articles on converting eVC3 projects to eVC4. I can't
remember the details but I do remember seeing them.

Oh, if you change the hard-coded path you will be able to use
the memory card. This means that you iPAQ will be able to run
normal images without a problem. 64Mb is enough for now, even
if 640k is all anyone could ever need....


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