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Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Mon May 10 23:35:13 UTC 2004

Hi Edgar

I feel very respected that you replied in English.  Thanks for that.  Maybe
that's because my Spanish is so bad, and maybe its because it's so good that
want to respond in kind?  I don't know, but I think maybe it's my bad

No bad Spanish, I need practice my English.
Maybe you need me in Australia or send friends here for tour.

Thanks for your advice.  My question was more about how I can make Squeak
my own" ... how do I make additions?

For example, if I have an Australian postal code, and if I have a table of
places, how do I make "3305 asAustralianPlace" return "Kangaroo Creek".
that's a silly thing to do, but some people might want that.  I want to make
String (for exmple) do more than what it does now, but I don't want to break
beautiful thing that Squeak is for other people... I want to add to it.

So , what you wish is not to change tHe "original image"
You could export all your code in .cs or .pr form, not save image and
reloading the next time.
But Squeak is for experimentation , and better you could save the original
.zip and have so many images as you wish with different things.
You could rename them when quit and save as and have Mark.image,
Australian.image, SydneyTour.image, etc.
All should be in same folder with VM and .sources whar are common to all.

Edgar, I met an Argentino the first week I came home.  He is a builder, and
needed to replace my floor.  For a long time, people were telling me they
replace my floor.  Some people came to look but would not tell me how much
would cost, some people never came when they said they would.  One man said
it would cost me $7500 Australian, but the Argentino Oscar said he could do
for $3100 Australian.  He came to do the job, and we drank mate ( I have a
and I found yerba nearby my house) and we had a good charla and a laugh.
job is now finished and I feel very happy, and now I have a friend to speak
Spanish with.  

El fin de semana pasado mi hermano y su esposa estuvan aca en Sydney.
por un paseo por Sydney Harbour.  Sydney Harbour es nuestro poco del mar,
cerca de la ciudad, con muchas cosas para mirar y hacer.  El mar no esta
de la ciudad, pero hay mucha gente cada dia por Sydney Harbour.  Es muy
turistico.  El puente es muy famoso, unas de las cosas mas famosas de
Estuvimos por mucho del dia viajando en el harbour.  Creo que es muy bueno
por el agua; por los Australianos es un poco de la vida.

Hoy habia un poco de lluvia.  Un poco solamente, porque esos dias no tenemos
mucho de agua.  Hay una problema aca, con el agua.  No podemos poner el agua
los jardines, por ejemplo, y no podemos lavar las coches.  Y cuando queremos
ducharnos, tenemos que pensar todavia de manana.  Que pena, pero eso es como
mundo se va ahora en Australia.

Aquí estamos por tener problemas con el gas y la luz.
Es peor tener malos políticos, que causaron esto.

Mate, I wonder if the project that I'm doing is of any interest to people
Squeak.  If not, it doesn't matter, because I am learning the environment.
you know of anyone that might be interested, please let me know.  I plan to
build at least 15 SUnit tests (I have that many in Visual Works) and provide
references to the Java implementation.

We (SqueakRos) wish know what are you doing, so please send mail to group
squeakRos at gruposyahoo.com.ar , maybe some could join you and learn together.
For me is good to learn proessional things like SUnit

Again, please excuse my Castellano if it's bad.  I try to learn more every
but it's a little difficult here with so few Spanish-speaking people.
again for your English -- it's excellent.

You are a terrific lier !!! I know my English sucks


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