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Sam Adams ssadams at
Tue May 11 13:12:34 UTC 2004

Really excellent mini-tutorial on Smalltalk metricss!  This should find its
way to the wiki.

Boris.Gaertner at wrote:
Most of the methods that you need to enumerate methods can be
found in the protocol of Behavior. Together with its subclasses, this
class implements the capablity of Smalltalk to describe itself.

Behavior is typically left unexplained in introductory
presentations of Smalltalk.

First a technical hint:

<----------REALLY BIG SNIP------------------>

For a quite up-to-date 3.7beta image I get 273286 statements.
When I compare with the number of lines computed by Markus
I conclude that we care for readability: The rule "one statement
per line" is obviously followed.

This is a long mail, but I hope it gives you some ideas where
to start.
Greetings, Boris

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