[squeak] Re: SLOC in Squeak History

michael.cole at nimiq.net michael.cole at nimiq.net
Tue May 11 13:05:51 UTC 2004


Great stuff! It solves my immediate problem and gives me courage to poke
around in the compiler.

"Boris Gaertner" <Boris.Gaertner at gmx.net> wrote:

> Most of the methods that you need to enumerate methods can be
> found in the protocol of Behavior. Together with its subclasses, this
> class implements the capablity of Smalltalk to describe itself.
 ------- lots of great stuff

> Keep in mind that the Smalltalk compiler is always at
> your service. This simple fact gives you the possibility
> to try metrics that are difficult to use in other languages.

This is an eye opener for me. One can do real time metrics on the
process being expressed by the image. 

Wow. lots to think about here.

Thank you,


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