Record class category renames?

Chris Burkert chris at
Tue May 11 16:43:35 UTC 2004

Doug Way wrote:
> Alexander Lazarevic wrote:
>> Renaming a class category (or method category) doesn't get recorded in
>> the changes file. Any reason why? Lateley I had to recover more often
>> from an image lockup just by doing "quit/replay changes since last
>> snapshot". Let's say I had created a class in the category foo and
>> renamed that category to bar and added some more classes to bar. After
>> recovery I would have the confusing situation where a class is in
>> category foo and several classes are in bar...
> KCP220 (update 5881) fixed some notifications so that renaming a method 
> category should now show up correctly in the current changeset.
> Oh wait, you're talking about the .changes file... ignore my previous 
> comment. :)  Erm, I'm not sure why method category changes don't show up 
> in the .changes file.  It looks like that didn't work in 3.4, either, so 
> it's possible that they've never been recorded in the .changes file.

Please see also my mail '[Bug] KomHttpServer and new code in the changes 
file with 3.6-3' from 5.10.04.

            Chris Burkert

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