[FIX][BUG] sourcesName incorrect ( [er] )

tim at sumeru.stanford.edu tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue May 11 20:25:01 UTC 2004

The problem here is that once upon a time the .sources file was expected
to reside in the same directory as the vm executable (or more strictly
in the directory named by SystemDictionary>vmPath) but during some
cleanup or other the definition of openSources:forImage: and
openChanges:forImage: got extended to do some 'helpful' searching in
other places as well.
I suggest that the proper answer would be to change sourcesName to
return the leafname and let the open{blah}:forImage: methods do their
thing. If it is deemed important for people to find the exact path for
the actually opened files then perhaps #sourcesName could be changed to
return (SourceFiles at: 1) pathName (or whatever it is) and a new method
used to provide the leafname for startup purposes.

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