Possible bug in System Browser

Andrew Berg andrew_c_berg at yahoo.com
Wed May 12 06:00:46 UTC 2004

Hey, all.  I've been (finally) actually using Squeak after lurking here 
for a while.  Three times in the last hour I've gotten walkbacks from the 
System Browser when trying to save a method.  With a little looking, it 
appears to happen with a brand new class when I click on the far right 
pane (which is completely empty, this being a new class) and then enter my 
message handler and hit alt+s.

It is clear to me that the fix belongs in 
Browser>>compileMessage:notifying:, but it is not clear to me what much of 
that code is doing.  There is a check for "self 
selectedMessageCagegoryName == nil" that is failing to make the selected 
message category name non-nil when a couple lines later #asSymbol is 
sent.  For what it's worth, if I go ahead and "proceed" from the point it 
stops, the message gets compiled just fine.

Oh, and yes, I expect lots of you to yell at me that I should have put 
[BUG] or something in my subject, but I'm not really sure what all the 
ramifications of doing that are.


andrew_c_berg at yahoo.com

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