[BUG]TestRunner sub-window opening problem

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Wed May 12 22:58:02 UTC 2004

3-7-5905 image.

Another problem now occurs during the TestRunner run; somewhere around
the F named tests (it's really hard to be precise - the tests flash by
very fast and don't stop) a notifier pops up complaining the nil dNU
adaptToPoint:. The TestRunner keeps right on going until
RunArrayblahblah as before. I'll explain this in another report since
it is a separate issue

Looking at the popped notifier it seems that something goes wrong in
NewParagraph>displayOn:using:at: and the text to be dispalyed is the
source for Semaphore>critical: if that helps. It looks like a Debugger
was being opened and so far as I can see it is probably in

Ah, well try again and the problem happens somewhere else BUT the fault
is the same (the NewPAragraph>displayOn:using:at:) so I have to suspect
that some change has been made recently to affect this. The supposed
problem is that 'positionWhenComposed' is nil at the wrong time. Since
the instvar is only set by an accessor and that is only sent in two
places (TextMorph> fit and composeToBounds I hope somebody familiar
with the area might know what is hapenning.

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