HC (HTTPClient) released on SqueakMap

Mark A. Schwenk mas at wellthot.com
Thu May 13 11:14:50 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 05:32, Colin Curtin wrote:
> I have built an almost* unconditionally HTTP/1.1 compliant client for Squeak
> 3.6. It is very similar in style to Apache Jakarta's HTTPClient.
> Any and all feedback is appreciated. In the upcoming weeks I hope to add the
> rest of the HTTP methods, and Proxy, SOCKS (4 and 5), and HTTPS support - as
> well as a nice test suite for everything. I also hope to add method
> streamlining and elegant stream handling, but that's a bit tougher. ;0

Thanks for  your efforts! As this evolves, it could be used for
Monticello to communicate with a SqueakSource server sitting behind an
HTTPS connection--something I've been waiting for. Cool!

-Mark Schwenk
 WellThot Inc.

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