HC (HTTPClient) released on SqueakMap

Colin Curtin alpine at umail.ucsb.edu
Fri May 14 10:36:39 UTC 2004

Maybe it's four? My short rundown:

* HTTPSocket (which comes with Squeak) has *tons* of code duplication, and
really only does things with a limited subset of HTTP/1.0.

* HTTPClient (which took my namespace ;-) is a port of the Dolphin HTTPClient
Steve Waring, being done by Brent Vukmer. As said in the SqueakMap release - 
"[...]The Squeak port is usable, but still needs a lot of cleanup work."

* HTTPClient (also comes with Squeak) seems to be using some extensions in the
Standard/FileStream classes with primitives.

I suppose, then, that's where I come in. All I want is a package that's close
functionality to Jakarta Commons' HTTPClient; essentially, that I need
something to interface to websites simply, elegantly, and well.

Anyway, reading RFCs is really bori^H^H^H^Hfun. Well, good practice anyway.

Thanks very much,

Quoting goran.krampe at bluefish.se:

> Just wanted to say - great! :)
> Eventually we will probably need to dwell a bit on what to have as the
> "default base" package for this, AFAIK we now have three different HTTP
> client implementations, right?
> regards, Göran

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