Minimal/Basic/Full (was Re: SLOC in Squeak History)

Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Fri May 14 18:19:44 UTC 2004

Just a questiong:
  Loading '3.7 Full Assembler' seems to not quite get you what
  was Full 3.6 image.  The original root project seems to have disappeared
  (the one with the Welcome & Readme windows and the Worlds of Squeak

Am I seeing things correctly, or am I suffering a "pilot error" effect?


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Raymond Asselin <raymondasselin at> wrote:
> Hi Dean,
>     I was on the feeling that to get a full image you have to expressely
> load the '3.7 Full Assembler' package from SM.
> Anyway this means that it is not yet clear. 

3.7beta is a "Basic" image. There are three different logical images at

- Minimal, this is Basic minus the stuff that has (so far) been packaged
into packages, see below.

- Basic, this is Minimal plus a few packages:
                 Compiler (1)
                 MCInstaller (8->10)
                 PackageInfo (16)
                 SARInstaller for 3.6 (28)
                 SUnit (3.1.6)
                 SmaCC Smalltalk Compiler-Compiler-Runtime (2)
                 SqueakMap2 base (0.96)
                 SqueakMap2 loader (0.92)
                 VersionNumber (1.0)

                 This is the image that is maintained by the update 

- Full, this is Basic plus a bunch of other packages using the assembler
load script.

So during alpha/beta development you can only download snapshots of the
Basic image. Then you can either add packages to it to get Full, or
remove packages to get to Minimal.

Hopefully Minimal will shrink over time (stuff broken out into
packages), Basic is meant to be a basic development image, and Full will
probably grow since it is more of a "blow your mind"-kinda image. :)

regards, Göran

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