Premature end of image file

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at
Sat May 15 04:49:42 UTC 2004

When I try to start squeak, I get 
"Read failed or premature end of image file"

Undoubtedly the cause was this sequence:
1. started session shut down
2. realizing I hadn't saved, selected save + quit on the image
3. session shut down.

Is there any chance I can recover from this?  There's significant data
that were only in the image, and my most recent backup is from
slightly over a month ago.

It looks as if most of the data are actually there; the image file
that is corrupt is actually 3.5 MB bigger than my last backup, and the
changes file is a bit bigger too.

I know there are a couple of obvious lessons to be drawn from this
experience :(

Does squeak, under the hood, save to temporary files to try to prevent
this kind of problem?  If not, could it be changed to do so?

But, as I said, my main question is whether there's any way to repair
the damage.

I looked for "premature end" on the swiki and list archives, but
nothing relevant showed up.


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