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Sun May 16 16:58:26 UTC 2004

Alan Grimes <alangrimes at> writes:

> Assuming your 32-bit register is a subclass of Large positive int, try
> _REMOVING_ the method in large positive int for bitXor and re-run your
> code....
> I'd be interested to see how that changes the results.

ThirtyTwoBitRegister is a subclass of Object and is not "mine", per se
:-) It has the following comment:

I represent a 32-bit register. An instance of me can hold any non-negative integer in the range [0..(2^32 - 1)]. Operations are performed on my contents in place, like a hardware register, and results are always modulo 2^32.

This class was primarily meant for use by the SHA1 class.

This is a good point, however.  Perhaps refactoring ThirtyTwoBitRegister
as a subclass of LargePositiveInteger would go a long way. I'd need to
get my head further around it to say.

Any other thoughts?

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