winCVS help needed

Peter Crowther peter at
Tue May 18 21:39:51 UTC 2004

> From: [...] Tim Rowledge
> So the real question I suppose (apart from 'why do I put up with this
> junk') is how to set up winCVS to let me connect as a developer to our
> archive at sourceforge. Or alternatively, what other application might
> be better? If it's really not possible with winCVS or some othe gui
> app, I could just barely tolerate a command line but honestly, can't we
> do better?

I use WinCVS/PuTTY/Pageant pretty much daily to check stuff into/out of SF.
You have to follow the SF SSH instructions to the letter, including waiting
the requisite amount of time for the keyfile to replicate.  Tghe other
little wrinkle is that if you're using PuTTY, you have to click the
Settings... button by Authentication and make sure WinCVS is using plink as
its ssh client.  Not obvious...

Catch me off-list - peter at ozzard dot org - and we'll see if we can
persuade it to work.  Much of the problem isn't WinCVS, it's SF's rather
peculiar approach to authentication.  If you're having real problems, we'll
get in touch with the WinCVS author, who frequents one of the other lists
I'm on.

		- Peter

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