winCVS help needed

Tim Rowledge tim at
Wed May 19 02:14:50 UTC 2004

Jason Rogers < at> wrote:

> Dumb question, but don't you need an SSH client for this?  Do you have one?
Yes and (finally) yes. Not that it was at all obvious from anything not
hidden in a locked filing cabinet at the bottom of a set of unlit
stairs guarded by a leopard.... Call me naive but I actually thought
that a program might either come with all the required parts or at
least tell me about them.

Mind you, even after finding a webpage with instructions I' not much
better off becuase the s/w has been changed since the instructions were
written and... well you get the picture.

> > app, I could just barely tolerate a command line but honestly, can't we
> > do better?
> Like a different SCM?  Not if you want to use
I was more bemoaning the dreadful state of s/w in general. I think
after 3.7 is finally put to bed we are likely to drop SF and move over
to our own server on SqF and thereby (I hope) get things set up more in
our own style of madness.

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