VMMaker 3.7 code

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Thu May 20 01:12:19 UTC 2004

I've just committed (I think - this is CVS, SourceForge and winCVS
reliant and if you think I can guarantee anything in those
circumstances you need your head read) the platform changes for the
(hopefully) final version of 3.7 VMs.

The changes to Cross code are simply additive and don't seem to have
any likelihood of affecting older code adversly. However, see above

It appears that it takes some time for changes to propagate from the
developer-upload side to the anonymous-loser-download side of SF so
don't be surprised if the changes don't appear yet. Hopefully we can do
better when we get our own system set up and online.

I've updated the VMMaker page on SM in hopefully the prescribed manner.

Tim Rowledge, tim at sumeru.stanford.edu, http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim
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