An OpenSSL plugin

Jason Dufair jase at
Thu May 20 04:33:16 UTC 2004

Well, to borrow an idiom, I think I'm going to take a run at the OpenSSL 
plugin fence.  I found that some code I ported from C# is about 80x 
slower and most of that time is spent in crypto methods.  So I want to 
use the aes routines in the OpenSSL library.  I hope to extend the 
plugin to do much more, at least in the arena of symmetric and public 
key crypto (I keep coming back to working with crypto - I guess I'll 
never get past having the Newton killed when I was in the middle of 
porting PGP to it)..

It seems that compiling OpenSSL as part of compiling the Squeak VM or 
even just the OpenSSL plugin is going to be no small effort.  I'm having 
a hell of a time just compiling it alone with the mingw toolset on my 
Win32 box.  My current thought is to build a plugin that links to an 
already built OpenSSL dll/so.  Is this reasonable?  Is this Squeak-y 
enough?  Is anyone aware of any licensing issues if I were to distribute 
my plugin this way?

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