FFI, primitives and plugins.. oh my

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri May 21 05:08:54 UTC 2004

Hi Brad,

The right way to fix this is to fill in the lacking code in sqWin32Sound.c -
if I had known how to make it work I would've done this already ;-)

Patches welcome!

  - Andreas

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Subject: FFI, primitives and plugins.. oh my

> I'm quite unknowledgable (is that a word?) about the difference between
> plugins and primitives (are there any more ways to get to the outside
> that I should know about?)
> So, I would like to know more. Can someone point me in the right
> Here's more detailed information:
> This started when I noticed that the method SoundRecorder>>recordLevel
> didn't seem to adjust the level of one of my audio cards (a card that I
> the driver behaves correctly in Win2k.) To trace this problem, I see that
> calls prmitiveSoundSetRecordLevel in plugin SoundPlugin (I guess that's
> right.)
> I'm on Win2k right now, but need to make this work on Linux and Mac as
> But, I'm just worrying about Win2k at the moment.
> If someone can point me in the right direction from here, I would be
> grateful. I received a lot of hits on the Squeak Swiki and I'll go thru
> (but, some of them seem obsolete.)
> Thanks Much!
> brad
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