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Jason Dufair jase at
Fri May 21 18:19:52 UTC 2004

Well fill me with propane and light a match, I got it to work!  I'm a
Cygwin junkie and unzipped the OpenSSL DLLs with Cygwin's unzip.
Apparently Cygwin's unzip doesn't seem to get permissions quite right or
something, because the DLLs did not have execute permission.  chmod +x
on them and my code works perfectly, assertion and all!  Thanks for
everyone's help.

What about the .h vs. dlopen() issue.  Anyone have any recommendations there?

Jason Dufair <jase at> writes:

> "Andreas Raab" <andreas.raab at> writes:
>>> 2) It appears that my plugin isn't loading properly somehow.  When I
>>>    compile it as an external plugin, the Smalltalk code after the
>>>    <primitive...> call executes (i.e. something fails, primitive-wise).
>>>    When I compile it as an internal plugin, the VM won't start (I get a
>>>    dialog box about the application failing to initialize).  Does anyone
>>>    have suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?
>> The error message most likely means that some dll which is required doesn't
>> exist. This can happen if you link an "import library" instead of the actual
>> code (the import library allows you to specify that function foo resides in
>> dll bar without having to use the equivalent of dlopen() and dlsym()
>> manually). Does the OpenSSL plugin require any further dlls? Or is the
>> library itself an import library (e.g., the system can't find opensll.dll or
>> whatever it's called)?
> The OpenSSL that I got from has 2
> mingw-compiled DLLs, libssl32.dll and libeay32.dll.  It appears that all
> the code is in libeay32.dll and that perhaps libssl32.dll is the import
> library.  When I try to link against libssl32.dll, I get the following
> compile errors:
> OpenSSLPlugin.o(.text+0x1bf):OpenSSLPlugin.: undefined reference to
> `AES_set_encrypt_key'
> OpenSSLPlugin.o(.text+0x1d3):OpenSSLPlugin.: undefined reference to
> `AES_cbc_encrypt'
> and when I try to link against libeay32.dll, I get no errors at all.
> I double-checked, and DLLs are in my path.  I even copied them to the
> same dir as Squeak.exe, to the same result.
> Any other ideas about what I'm doing wrong?
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