Applescript code needs a home

Javier Diaz-Reinoso javier_diaz_r at
Fri May 21 19:02:55 UTC 2004

I can support that, but I have a question: because that Applescript 
stuff needs the Applescript plug-in and that is provided by John M 
McIntosh with the VM, is not better to include the .cs with the 

In any case I use this code in my proyects and I can support it.

On 20/05/2004, at 23:06, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> I failed a long time ago to find a home for the Applescript code that
> Andy Greenberg wrote and which came out of the image as part of the
> removal of the VMMaker code. There doesn't seem to be anything on SM
> that holds it.
> Who would like to care for it? It ought to be someone with decent
> knowledge of Apple stuff. I certainly can't do anything useful with it.
> I _do_ have a file with what I think is most of it for anyone
> interested.
> tim
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