Applescript code needs a home

John M McIntosh OLD johnmci at
Fri May 21 22:33:56 UTC 2004

Well I've used the smalltalk code from time to time. However I'll  
gladly give it away. I can still do the plugin part,
that is low maintence.

On May 21, 2004, at 12:35 PM, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> Javier Diaz-Reinoso <javier_diaz_r at> wrote:
>> I can support that, but I have a question: because that Applescript
>> stuff needs the Applescript plug-in and that is provided by John M
>> McIntosh with the VM, is not better to include the .cs with the
>> plug-in?
>> In any case I use this code in my proyects and I can support it.
> There shouldn't be any logical problem with this - there are several
> plugins that are not included in the VMMaker package and one day we
> will actually be able to have prerequisites/dependencies on SM to  
> handle
> the groupings.
> Unless John really wants to look after it himself I'd say that someone
> actually using the code is an ideal candidate.
> tim
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