More plugin success

Jason Dufair jase at
Fri May 21 23:12:45 UTC 2004

I just thought I'd mention that with my nascent OpenSSL plugin, I brought
the execution of my app (which decrypts an AES-encrypted file) down from
80-90 seconds to 0.7-1.4 seconds, 60% of which is file I/O.

Thanks for everyone's help.  I want to reorg my code a little bit now
and flush out the tests.  As soon as I have code I'd be willing to show
my mother (you laugh, but my mom actually does have a CS degree ;-) ),
I'll put it on SqueakMap - maybe next week.

It looks like dlopen() may not be the panacea I'd hoped it would be
since it's apparently not supported on Mac OS X.  But cross-platform
maintenance of the OpenSSL plugin via header files and linking to dll/so
files should be very minimal.

Since my code will replace some (perhaps eventually all) of the
functionality in the Cryptography package, does anyone have any
suggestions WRT namespace issues?  Package names and Class names?  I
wanted to keep the interfaces the same as the existing package to the
point where my package could be a drop-in replacement, but my interface
ends up being a level higher than what's in the Cryptography package
(and the lower level stuff is down in the primitive itself), so that
plan won't work after all.

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