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Jason Dufair jase at
Sat May 22 04:46:49 UTC 2004

Tim Rowledge wrote:

> Bridges. Have the high level stuff talk to a translator class that can
>pass off to openSSL or whatever is already there. Choose the translator
>class by appropriate means at runtime.
This is exactly what I've ended up doing.  In fact the only Win32 
specific thing at all is the Makefile that explicitly links to the 
pre-existing DLL.  Even the header file and the included OpenSSL header 
files should compile regardless of the platform, as long as it can do 
dynamic linking.  I think it should be in good shape for extension to 
other platforms, though I don't have a Mac or Acorn or PocketPC to build 
makefiles for those platforms.  As long as the APIs I use don't change, 
it should be a matter of dropping in new dll/so/whatever-acorn-uses as 
they become available.

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