Monticello Question

Julian Fitzell julian at
Sat May 22 06:24:59 UTC 2004

Not really at the moment.  Mostly all that needs to be done is to write 
a 4-way merge but it's a little more complex than that in terms of how 
you store the history and what the merge semantics are after that.

Does version 5 still include 2 in its list of ancestors?  What if you 
have version 3a as another child to 2 (so 3 and 3a are siblings) and 
then merge 5 into that?  Do you then need to remove version 2 from the 
history of the resulting merged version?  Probably the simplest is just 
to have the 4-way merge not affect history at all (as CVS does) but this 
causes many of the repeated merge problems that CVS suffers from.

Anyway, short answer is nobody's done it yet, long answer is that doing 
it right is actually a little more complex than one might think.


Hernan Tylim wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I have a Monticello related question. If I have a .mcz with this history:
> 	package-hpt.4
> 	package-hpt.3
> 	package-hpt.2
> 	package-hpt.1
> 	Is it possible to remove the changes on package-hpt.2 and make a new
> version package-hpt.5 ? How?
> Thanks
> Regards,
> Hernán

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