More plugin success

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Mon May 24 00:28:14 UTC 2004

Jason Dufair <jase at> wrote:
	It looks like dlopen() may not be the panacea I'd hoped it would be
	since it's apparently not supported on Mac OS X.  But cross-platform
	maintenance of the OpenSSL plugin via header files and linking to dll/so
	files should be very minimal.
Hmm.  On my MacOS X box I just typed
    man dlopen
and I get
    DLOPEN(3) BSD Library Functions Manual
    NAME dlopen, dlsym, dlerror, dlclose -
    programmatic interface to the dynamic linker
    All these functions use the native dyld(3), NSModule(3), and
    NSObjectFileImage(3) functions to provide a compatibility library
    so that common unix source code may be easily compiled.
    The dlcompat package was written by
    Jorge Acereda <jacereda at> and
    Peter O'Gorman <ogorman at>

I haven't tried this yet myself, but it sure _looks_ supported.
I mean, this package is there out-of-the-box.  (Darwin kernel 7.3.0)

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