winCVS help needed

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Mon May 24 07:44:01 UTC 2004

Hi people!

John Pfersich <jp1660 at> wrote:
> Tim wrote:
> >
> >So the real question I suppose (apart from 'why do I put up with this
> >junk') is how to set up winCVS to let me connect as a developer to our
> >archive at sourceforge. Or alternatively, what other application might
> >be better? If it's really not possible with winCVS or some othe gui
> >app, I could just barely tolerate a command line but honestly, can't we
> >do better?
> I have just the opposite problem, I can't fully trust a gui tool that 
> won't  show me the command line commands that it wants to run. Just 
> so it doesn't foul up something.
> Wincvs I just don't trust at all, luckily I almost never work in Windoze.

Just in a bit of defense of WinCVS, AFAIK it does show it's commands
(thought perhaps not all), and if you install Tcl you get a CLI in it.
And the CVS executable itself I think is the "original" code, very few
CVS clients have actually reimplemented the client side.

And CVS has almost all of its logic on the serve side, so you seldom
screw up stuff.

Well, my 2 cents. I have used WinCVS quite a lot earlier, not recent
builds though.

cheers, Göran

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