[ANN] FilterBrowser 0.0

Romain Robbes rrobbes at info.unicaen.fr
Mon May 24 07:52:29 UTC 2004

Hi Folks,

	You read right, I'm going to talk about vaporware ;-).
Well, not quite in fact, as some of you might on their computers 
close to what I'd like to do, albeit in a different area : iTunes.

Specifically, I have played a bit with iTunes'  "smart playlists", and 
I think something
similar could be implemented for browsing code in squeak (the concept 
is not quite new
in fact, these playlists are just requests to a database in disguise, 
such as "select
all songs form artist X longer than 5 minutes that I have rated 4 stars 
of more").

You could then perform requests such as :

-tests :  select all methods from package X, starting with "test"
-non-tests : select all methods from package X, except those in "tests"
-tested : select all methods in "non-tests", who are sent by methods in 
-hierarchy : select all methods from class X's hierarchy
-recent : select the 50 latest methods accepted
-private : select all methods from class C only sent by methods in C
-protected : select all methods from class X only sent methods in C's 
-public : select all methods in class X who are not in "private" or 
-undocumented : select all classes who's comment is nonexistant ;-)

The interface could be the one of a message list, maybe stealing 
iTunes' browser,
which looks really a lot like a smalltak browser already ;-).

I think this kind of tool is currently missing as it could allow a much 
faster navigation
in the system, as there is a lot of information that could be used this 

Regular browsers, or stacked code panes like Whisker's ones could then 
be used to
actually edit code ;-).

What do you think of that ?


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