[ENH] reposted: new String modifier: String>>asPlural

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Tue May 25 00:44:43 UTC 2004

This is a nice little enhancement by Chris Norton that helps Squeak to
speak gooder English.

It was timed out on the BFAV list, so I am posting with a different
subject line. The attached change set is the original one, and works
fine in a 3.7 image.

Here is the original message posted by Chris in January 2000:

> Hi Folks.
> Here's the preamble from my changeset:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> "OK.  You could say that this is a silly crusade, but I like my Squeak
> messages to be in proper English (at least when the language you're using is
> English).  
> I was messing around with the HangMan file-in and I got a walkback that had
> the following title:  'Error: HangManPhrases classs are not indexable'.  I
> just couldn't stand the extra 's' on 'class', so I created a nifty new
> String method called asPlural and I modified the sender of the odd string to
> use the new String modifier.  Take it or leave it, but I think this makes
> auto-generated text just a little easier to read."
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I hope you find this new String modifier useful too.
> Cheers!
> ---==> Chris
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