[BUG]Flaps disappearing when creating MVC project

goran.krampe at bluefish.se goran.krampe at bluefish.se
Tue May 25 10:50:09 UTC 2004

When I create an MVC project the shared flaps disappear. But I can show
them again.
Not sure why they disappear. Tracked it down to
Project>>flapsSuppressed: being called from
#initializeProjectPreferences. I can't say that I follow the logic.

First of all, why does it change the Preference? Shouldn't it only touch
the project preference?
And secondly, why does it remove/add the flaps to the screen if the
Project is NOT the current project? Shouldn't it be the other way


regards, Göran

PS. Stumbled upon this since creating a Morphic project in latest beta
(5923) somehow messes up the flaps. Funny enough just switching the
flaps from "text" to "graphical" and back to "text" fixes the nil value
inside the NewParagraph instance, beats me.

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