[ENH] Resources

Russell Penney russell.penney at tincanct.com
Tue May 25 12:43:54 UTC 2004

Why not on SM?

A. Don’t know how and where to start looking.
B. It is no way near finished. I wanted to get feedback.

Have a look. I haven't really made anything new, what I have done is pull
together a whole bunch of work already in Squeak.

It means I should be able to have a file name that IS portable and a
portable way of accessing files and codecs. Because Resources are chained
together you can remove and replace the resource at the start of the chain
and expect the same result.

If you want to hook into the framework (premature at the moment) basically a
Resource is just a consumer of a stream (FileResource is a consumer of a
File URI). So ImageReadWriter codecs slot in very easily indeed.


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> > do.
> Kinda interesting. As you may now I am fumbling with resources in SM
> too. Will take a look.
> Why don't you publish it on SM btw? :)
> regards, Göran

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