3.7 Full: Developers or Media users?

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Tue May 25 19:52:43 UTC 2004

> Now that the SystemChangeNotification code is in place, it should be 
> possible to completely separate changesets from the other tools.  I'm 
> not sure how much of this has been done, but it would be a nice 
> benchmark to be able to unload ChangeSet completely and have 
> everything else still work.

Yes this was what I was about to say.  All the tools should really get 
a youth cure and you will see that this
will be really easy to create new tools. No need to go and hack inside 
changeset and compiler anymore. This was the
complete point behind this great notification mechanism.

Then doug I really think that you should give a try using MC and 
SqueakSource because this is cool. May be putting whisker on
SqueakSource could be a good way to try. :)


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